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Mendelson Autobody - Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek is the northern "metropolitan" center within Mendelson Autobody's realm of influence. And, San Ramon is the southern major center that supplies our client base. Other communities within the area are specifically and almost exclusively bedroom communities. Walnut Creek is one of the nation's premier shopping districts. Major stores such as Tiffany's, Nordstrom, Renovation Hardware, Ann Taylor, Williams Sonoma, J Crew, and dozens more, adorn this downtown shopping area. High-end restaurants and a regional performance center round out the experience for well heeled patrons.

Walnut Creek draws shoppers from the San Ramon Valley, the entire East Bay, and even from San Francisco. The warm climate is cooled periodically by a rush of fog over the western hills, making Walnut Creek a highly desirable location for businesses and homeowners alike.

Mendelson Autobody is just ten miles from the center of this thriving retail center. Enjoy the same level of service for your automobile as you expect in your Walnut Creek shopping experience. Bring your collision repairs and automotive paint needs to Mendelson Autobody in San Ramon.

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