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Mendelson Autobody - San Ramon

Mendelson Autobody is in San Ramon. San Ramon, CA is a thriving bedroom community, and namesake for the entire San Ramon Valley. Many residents would say it is a perfect place to live, except for one thing…wind. Summer afternoons are plagued with an easterly wind blowing off the San Francisco Bay (and ultimately from the California Pacific Ocean coastline, just thirty miles to the West). But, true to their upward-looking lifestyle, San Ramon residents make the best of it. They even have a yearly Wind Festival that draws thousands to the large grass lawns at San Ramon's Civic Center. Temperatures are generally warm, with very mild winters and sunny, shorts-and-sandals summer days.

San Ramon's populous is upper middle class, multi-ethnic, mobile, and tied to their automobiles for shopping, commuting, and pleasure excursions. Mendelson Autobody is a valued member of San Ramon's business community and the recognized quality provider of auto body repairs, collision repairs, restoration, painting and automotive finish repairs.

Centered on corporate parks that are home to corporations such as Chevron, SBC, and Toyota Parts Distribution, San Ramon is also filled with attractive neighborhoods and parks. San Ramon is a fine example of suburban California living.

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