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A Brief History

Mendelson Autobody has been serving the San Ramon Valley's auto body and paint needs for 30 years. When Ted Mendelson opened Mendelson Autobody and Restoration in 1981, their work focused on repairing high-end Mercedes and BMWs, and restoring vintage Ferraris and other classic imports. As his reputation for excellence grew, his customers began to request that Ted bring his expertise to all of their vehicles. To meet the needs of his discerning customers, he dropped the "Restoration," and expanded the shop, personnel, training and equipment. Even as the shop expanded, Mendelson Autobody never compromised the quality of their work and customer service. Our team of long-term employees know their jobs and are experts at detailed, top-quality execution. Most of our staff has been with us for over ten years. Today Mendelson Autobody is fully equipped to provide any needed repairs on all modern unibody vehicles, from minor dings to major collision reconstruction.

Mendelson Autobody Today

Every job at Mendelson Autobody starts with your free estimate. Our skilled estimator will access the damage, work with your insurance company, and arrange your rental car. Quality control is built right into the repair process. Every paint and body repair job is inspected and supervised at each step along the way.

Every job is unique, so our experienced technicians do everything from pounding out dents to major welding to straightening the unibody structure of your car. Once the structure is sound, we install airbags, ABS brakes, suspension and all of the other parts you can't see. Once the body is looking great and the internal systems are running smoothly, your car is ready for a gleaming paint job.

The paint process is one of the most critical aspects of bringing your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. Each color is custom-mixed to exacting manufacturers' specifications. From there, our expert painter hand tints the paint for an exact color match - a skill he has honed for over twenty-five years. After thorough repair and preparation, your vehicle goes into our Spraybake paint booth where the air is heated and double filtered to produce an even, dust-free finish and minimize pollution. To give the finish a lasting shine, the color is sealed in and baked on - just like when the car was painted at the factory. Our meticulous paint process allows us to offer a lifetime warranty from the paint manufacturer, PPG. We are also doing our part for the environment. We now use exclusively low-VOC water-based paints, and all paint waste is safely disposed of in compliance with the EPA.

From your free estimate, to your final pick-up, Mendelson Autobody is dedicated to providing the personal one-on-one service that their customers have come to expect. Every vehicle is hand washed, inspected, and road-tested to ensure that you drive away in a vehicle that is not only physically beautiful, but safe. That's what makes us a small shop with BIG service!

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Mendelson Autobody is your ONE STOP solution bringing best car services.


Who Are We?

Great Customer Service at Mendelson Auto Body

About Mendelson Autobody President, Ted Mendelson

Ted Mendelson has devoted his entire work history, and his educational experience, to automotive paint and body repairs. Ted relied upon all his accumulated expertise in 1987 when he opened Mendelson Autobody in San Ramon, CA. Since then, he has used his business acumen and his industry knowledge to build Mendelson Autobody into a most respected quality auto body and paint shops in Northern California.

His experience in painting high-end and exotic cars for Concourse events left Ted with a deep appreciation for detail and quality that shows clearly in the work produced today from his business.

Our Team

It takes time to develop expertise and establish work habits that produce consistent quality. Looking at this picture, do you recognize the evident maturity of the group? Mendelson Autobody’s crew is a melded team of long-term employees who know their jobs and are expert at detailed, top-quality execution. At Mendelson Autobody, our “newcomer” has been with us for more than three years. This is the kind of longevity that invites trust. At Mendelson Autobody in San Ramon, you can be confident that the work is done right, with attention to detail and quality throughout.

Detail, Detail, Detail …

Automotive body work and finishes have to be of incredible quality and consistency. Any little mishap can show up and detract from the beauty of the entire job. Some details are so small that they could be missed during a work in progress. That is why every paint and body repair job is inspected and supervised. The entire job is supervised and gone over in detail at each step in the operation. This assures a brilliant, smooth, unblemished finish for your coupe, sedan, convertible, sports car, SUV, or truck.

Team Work

Auto body repair and paint is a team effort at Mendelson Autobody. Each workman has their own areas of exceptional skill and talent. We use these diverse skill sets to produce the very best automotive finish for your car or truck. Teamwork provides efficiencies that speed the job through our multi-stage process and help us produce higher quality work and deliver your vehicle faster. Our goal is to provide extreme quality in the shortest possible time.

Give Your Car a New Look

Sunlight and shadow produce interesting effects on painted automotive body surfaces. Body work and paint need to be virtually perfect in order to look straight and smooth under all lighting conditions. Almost any paint job looks good indoors. But in the real world, where sunlight and shade move across reflective paint surfaces, only the very best craftsmanship can return a damaged car to its original look. San Ramon’s Mendelson Autobody makes cars and trucks look new again.

Free Car Wash Before Delivering Your Car

The final detail…Detailing! Every vehicle is cleaned and detailed before delivery to the customer. We hand wash and inspect each car one last time before you get behind the wheel. You drive away in a vehicle that makes you proud, just as we are proud of every job we do.